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  • Company Name: Equinox Chemicals, LLC
  • Street: Equinox Chemicals, LLC
    1909 West Oakridge Drive
    Albany, Georgia 31707
  • Country/region: United States
  • Tel: 877-815-9021/ 229-420-3886
  • Fax: 208-567-2370
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Company Info

Equinox Chemicals, Inc. is a custom organic synthesis research and manufacturing company dedicated to delivering superior quality products on demand. We specialize in the preparation and design of organic molecules and offer a wide range of synthetic services servicing government, R&D, pharmaceutical, food, flavor, fragarance, industrial coatings, polymers, semiconductor, alternative fuels, and specialty chemical sectors.Mg to MTquantities Synthesis of low boiling compounds (e.g. trifluoroacetonitrile, -60?C) MT synthesis in liquid ammonia High pressure hydrogenation at kg scale Acetylene compounds Small molecule biologics (e.g. non-natural amino acids, fluorinated amino acids) Low temperature reactions (-90?C) Organometallic reactions (grignards, alkyl lithiums, etc) Chiral compounds by asymmetric synthesis (either chiral auxiliaries or catalysts) Green reactions (ionic liquids/fluorous chemistry) Ketene/diketene synthesis LC (DAD and VWD) MS GC (FID and TCD) GC-MS (Agilent 7890A and 7675) (In-house) Multinuclear NMR (University Contract) CZE FTIR (Bruker ATR) (In-house) UV Coulometric KF Optical Rotation M.P. 5 gal High pressure Autoclave Reactor (2000psi 316 stainless steel) Glass Lined Reactors to 2000gal2x55gal 1x150gal 1x25gal 1x750gal 1x2000galPilot Plant Glass Reactors: 4x72L 4x50L 1x100L Various smaller glasswaredown to micro-scalePurification/Distillation: Packed columns (saddles, raschig rings, pro-pack) to 25'(8"diameter) Spinning-band distillation Wiped-film distillationDryingDouble cone dryer (Stainless steam jacketed)Tray Dryer Utilities/InfrastructureHigh pressure steam to 150psi 3 separate Hot oil systems to 350degC Glycol Chiller to 5 degC Liquid Nitrogen (3000gal) inertion and cryogenics Cooling tower water Deionized water system Allen-Bradley PLC Automation on bulk reactor systems Ingersoll-Rand Compressed air system (15hp)IR Air dryer and purification systemLaboratory Fume hoods (8) up to 12' tall and 12' wideWelch Vacuum plant system (15hp)
Basic Information
Company Name: Equinox Chemicals, LLC
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company Website URL: http://www.eqxchem.com

Factory Information

Factory Location: Equinox Chemicals, LLC
1909 West Oakridge Drive
Albany, Georgia 31707,, United States