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  • CAS No.: 96-48-0
  • Purity: 99.5%
  • Min quantity: 100000 Kilograms
  • Price: USD 1~2/Kilograms
  • Place of Orign: zhuhai,Guangdong,China
Ms.Merry Chou

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  • Product Name.:gamma-Butyrolactone
  • CAS No: 96-48-0
  • Weight: 86.08924
  • Formula: C4H6O2
  • Melting Point: -45 ºC
  • Boiling Point: 204-205 ºC
  • Density: 1.12


Synonyms:1-Oxacyclopentan-2-one;2(3H)-dihydrofuranone;2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-;2(3H)-furanone,dihydro-;2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-2-furanone;2-Oxolanone;2-Oxotetrahydrofuran;3-Hydroxybutyric acid lactone
Product Categories:Pharmaceutical Intermediates;Heterocycles;Miscellaneous Reagents
Chemical Properties:colourless oily liquid
General Description:Clear colorless oily liquid with a pleasant odor.
Air & Water Reactions:Hygroscopic. Soluble in water.
Reactivity Profile:gamma-Butyrolactone can react with oxidizing materials, inorganic acids and bases, alcohols and amines. Rapidly hydrolyzed by bases and slowly hydrolyzed by acids. gamma-Butyrolactone is volatile with steam. . The combination of the lactone, butanol, 2,4-dichlorophenol, and sodium hydroxide in the attempted synthesis of 2,4-dichlorophenoxybutyric acid caused a thermal runaway reaction that eventually exploded, [CISHC Chem. Safety Summ., 1977, 48, 3].
Fire Hazard:gamma-Butyrolactone is combustible.
Packing:200kg/drum or as required

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