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Indium powder:-100mesh;-200mesh;-325mesh CAS NO.7440-74-6

  • CAS No.: 7440-74-6
  • Purity: 99.99%,99.999%,99.9999%,99.99999%
  • Min quantity: 8000 Kilograms
  • Weight: 114.818
  • Place of Orign: Chengdu,Sichuan,China

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  • Product Name.:Indium powder:-100mesh;-200mesh;-325mesh CAS NO.7440-74-6
  • CAS No: 7440-74-6
  • Weight: 114.818
  • Formula: In
  • Melting Point: 156 ºC
  • Boiling Point: 2000 ºC
  • Density: 7.30


Indium (In)

1,Purity :99.999% - 99.9999%

2,Technic:Electrolysis-Vacuum smelting:Removal of low melting point impurities.(S,Se,Pb,Cd,As,Hg,P,Te… )

3,Analysis :ICP-MS or GDMS (5N:All impurity elements is below 10ppm)

4,Dimension : Ingot ;Granule ,Powder(4N);

5,Service :Supply MSDS ,Free sample; Solutions for Material Application.

6, Physical character:

Atomic Weight: 114.818

Electronegative: 1.78

Density: ρ=7.31 g?cm?3 (0-100℃)

Melting Point: 156.5985 ℃

Boiling Point: 2072 ℃

7, Specification:

High Purity Indium:

In-05 Grade 99.999. The content of Indium is above 99.999%. The total content of Ag, Al, As, Cd, Cu, Fe, Mg, Ni, Pb, S, Si, Sn, Tl, & Zn is bellow 10 ppm;

Uitra Purity Indium:

In-06 Grade 99.9999. The content of Indium is above 99.9999%. The total content of Cd, Cu, Fe, Mg, Pb, S, Si & Sn is bellow 1 ppm;

Uitra High Purity Indium:

In-07 Grade 99.99999. The content of Indium is above 99.99999%. The total content of Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe, Mg, Ni, Pb & Zn is bellow 0.1 ppm;

8, Usage:

It is mainly used in the manufacture of III-V compound semiconductor, high purity alloy, transistor base and as a dopant of Germanium & Silicon single crystal.

Elementary Substance:Te,In,Cd,Sn,Zn,S,Pb,Sb,Se,Bi,Cu,Co,Ga,Ge,Au,Ag,Pt,Pd etc.

Compound: CdTe,ZnTe,CuTe,Cu2Te,PbTe, Bi2Te3,SnTe,BiSbTe,GeSbTe,PbSnTe,CdZnTe,In2Se3,CdSe,ZnSe,CuSe,Cu2Se,Bi2Se3,Ga2Se3,BiTeSe,CuInSe2,SeGaInCu

CdS,ZnS,CuS,SnS2,Ga2S3,In2S3,Bi2S3,CuInS,CuIGeS,TeO2,ZnO,Bi2O3,In2O3,Sb2 O3,SnO2,Ga2O3,GaSb,InSb,InCl,GaInCu etc.

Sputtering Target:SeGaInCu,In2Se3,SnS2,CuS,In2S3,Bi2Te3,Sb2Te3,Sb2S3,CdS,CdTe etc.

Indium powder:-100mesh;-200mesh;-325mesh CAS NO.7440-74-6

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